THE VENTURE BRAT is published for and about startups and small business enterprises. We cover East African small businesses with a particular focus on the people associated with them.

We publish news, interviews, and insights, and focus on the people powering these businesses.

We endeavor to serve, highlight, and empower the incredible people behind these enterprises. Hence our motto; The people powering businesses

We also cover their mentors, enablers, financiers, and all other persons affiliated with small businesses.

The dreamer-founders. The believer-financiers. The multitasking interns. The leapers-of-faith early employees. The government. The consultants. And every other person affiliated with new startups and small businesses in an impactful way.

As well as the most important group of them all ─ the wannabe, gotta-be founders of tomorrow.

In a way, therefore, The Venture Brat is not and won’t be your typical business blog. Not exactly, at least. While we’ll eventually cover every business topic there is to cover, including news, reviews, and all, our mandate shall forever be to recognize, highlight, and empower the people powering small businesses in East Africa.

Unlike most business blogs, The Venture Brat will focus on the people within these small businesses first. And then those outside the small and medium businesses but whose actions (or inactions) impact small businesses the most.

Serve, highlight, and empower the People Powering Small Businesses

— The Venture Brat Team

So, what does The Venture Brat cover? Insights. Advice. Information. Interviews. And publicity on starting up and building a small business. And guidance on how to grow into your full potential.

What is a small business?

While the definition of what a startup is tends to vary, we sought to set clear ground rules early. We also established which entity qualifies as a small business for our purpose.

Which businesses and people qualify for our coverage depends on our definition of a small business.

This comprehensive article clarifies our understanding of both a startup and a small business venture. It sets out the inherent differences and defines the qualifying criteria for coverage on The Venture Brat.

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