Absa Bank Kenya account balance on phone

Absa Bank Kenya customers can easily check their bank account balances on their phones via USSD code *224#. Through this USSD code, one can access your Absa Bank Kenya account balance and other services easily, including buying airtime and funds transfer, among other services. 

Absa Bank Kenya provides two options for mobile banking services. 

While the Absa Kenya Mobile App has been growing in popularity, the bank’s USSD code, *224#, is one of the most established and secure mobile banking solutions in the Kenyan market.

The code allows Absa Bank Kenya customers to perform various services away from the banking hall. These include making deposits, bank-to-mobile money transfers, and checking your bank account balance.

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So how can you do the latter using your mobile phone?

Absa Bank Kenya account balance on phone

  • On your phone, dial *224# 
  • Login with your mobile banking pin 
  • Select Account Balance
  • Follow the rest of the simple prompts to receive your bank account balance on your phone.

How to withdraw funds from Absa Bank To M-Pesa 

  • On your phone, dial *224# 
  • Enter your Mobile banking pin and send
  • Select M-Pesa/Airtel 
  • Choose M-Pesa
  • Select “To Own Number” or “Other Number” (Enter the number if other)
  • Enter the amount to transfer
  • Select Account to be debited
  • Confirm the transaction and send 

You will receive confirmation messages from M-Pesa and Absa bank about the transaction.

To use Absa Bank Kenya USSD banking service, one must be a registered Absa Bank Kenya account holder, be registered with mobile banking, and be provided with a login pin.

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